Silver Falls Dermatology

1390 Waverly Drive SE
Albany , Oregon 97322
1-866-599-DERM (3376)
Silver Falls Dermatology is also in Corvallis, at 1220 NW Kings Blvd., 541-967-8385. They have several locations throughout the Northwest. More information is available at

Silver Falls Dermatology is committed to providing the highest quality medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatologic care. Our friendly and professional staff work with each individual’s needs to improve the health and vitality of your skin. From our specialized knowledge in skincare needs, to our quality products and service, we strive to offer you a full and complete range of treatment options for all your skincare needs.  

Silver Falls Dermatology offers MelaFind, which is an FDA approved technology used by a dermatologist to analyze and interpret moles which could be high risk for melanoma.