Facilities Map

Facilities Map

Samaritan Albany General Hospital is located at 1046 Sixth Ave. SW in Albany, Ore. Below is a map of the hospital and surrounding medical facilities.

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A. Samaritan Albany General Hospital

B. Endoscopy

C. Outpatient Surgery Center

D. Elm Professional Building – Cardiac Rehab & Diabetes Ed.

E. Timberview

F. Hospital foundation, Marketing & Public Relations/Volunteer Services

G. Samaritan Physician Offices & Mid-Valley Gastroenterology

H. Calapooia Family Medicine

I. Albany Internal Medicine

J. Human Resources - 1040 Conference Room

K. Elm St. Pharmacy

L. Mid-Valley Children's Clinic

M. Albany Obstetrics & Gynecology/Albany Surgical Associates

N. Scott House - Employee Health, Safety, Professional Development

O. Reimer Conference Room