Facilities Map

Facilities Map

Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital is located at 525 N. Santiam Hwy. in Lebanon, Ore. Below is a map of the hospital and surrounding medical facilities.

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Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital
525 N. Santiam Hwy.

Western University Office & East Linn Health Clinic
100 Mullins Drive,  Suite A-1 (East Linn Health Clinic) and A-2 (Western University)

Occupational Medicine & Specialty Physicians
100 Mullins Drive, Suite B-2 (Occupational Medicine) and B-1 (Specialty Physicians)

Samaritan General Surgery & Samaritan Dialysis Services
100 Mullins Drive, Suite C-1 (surgery) and C-2 (dialysis)

Samaritan Orthopedics
100 Mullins Drive, Suite D-3

Home Health
400 N. Main Street

Mid-Valley Medical Plaza
425 N. Santiam Hwy.

Samaritan Medical Equipment
325 Industrial Way

East Linn MRI
505 N. Santiam Hwy.

Health Career and Training Center
525 N. Santiam Hwy.

Urgent Care/Walk-In-Clinic
525 N. Santiam Hwy.

Mid-Valley Pediatrics & Mid-Valley OB/GYN
701 N. Fifth Street, Suite C-1020

Western University College of Osteopathic
Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) Northwest
200 Mullins Drive