Patient Portal

Patient Portal

We are pleased to offer you online access to your basic health information such as active diagnoses, active medications, allergies, immunizations and test results through our patient portals.

Currently Samaritan has two patient portals because we are transitioning from one electronic medical record system to another. If you wish to access your outpatient record associated with clinic visits, you will use the Kryptiq Connect IQ patient portal by selecting the Clinic Patient Portal button below. If you wish to access your inpatient record associated with a hospital visit, you will use the Epic MyChart patient portal by selecting the Hospital Patient Portal button below.

If you would like to use either of the patient portals, please go to the participating Samaritan Health Services
clinic or hospital where you are a patient to sign up as online registration is not available due to the need to verify your identity.

Once you sign up, you will have access to your health information from all Samaritan locations.

If you have already signed up in the clinic and received your login information, click the button below to go to the portal.

If you are having problems logging into either of our patient portals, please call 1-855-635-8304 toll free.