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FAQs & Resources

Frequently asked questions

Q: I received a separate bill from a physician who saw me at the hospital. Why were these charges not included in my bill from SHS?
A: Some physicians (including radiologists, anesthesiologists, ED physicians and others) who may provide services to you at an SHS-affiliated hospital may not be employed by SHS. Fees charged by these physicians are billed separately by that physician’s office. If you have questions about these bills, please call the phone number listed on that statement

Q: What if I want to pay my bill in person?
A: Each Samaritan-affiliated hospital has cashiers on site who are available to accept payments. You can also pay your additional clinic bill at these locations.

Q: Why do I have multiple visits on one statement?
A: Samaritan Health Services uses a guarantor billing system, which allows for multiple visits to be listed on one statement.

Q: How do I obtain a complete listing of charges?
A: You may contact Patient Financial Services and we will provide you with an itemization of your charges. Call us at 541-768-4392 or 1-800 640-5339.


For more information on the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid), Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP) and other insurance resources, visit: www.ehealthlink.com/OregonHealthPlan.

To find hospital specific information about services and charges for medical treatment in the state of Oregon, visit: http://www.orpricepoint.org.