About Your Bill

About Your Bill

About your bill

Payment for your medical bill
is ultimately your responsibility. Samaritan Health Services accepts cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Multiple payment plan options are available. If you have insurance, please be aware of the company’s requirements and bring any needed physician’s orders or diagnoses to your outpatient appointments. Please bring your insurance card to every appointment.

It is our goal for patient billing statements to be easy to read and understandable. If you have questions about your statement, please call Customer Service at 541-768-4392 or 1-800-640-5339.

Your insurance coverage

Please be prepared to present your insurance card when you check in for any appointment. We will bill all your insurance companies. You will be asked to pay any co-payment or deductible at the time of service. If we do not receive payment from your insurance company promptly, we will ask you to contact them directly to arrange for payment.

Shortly after services are provided at an SHS-affiliated hospital, clinic or outpatient service, a billing statement will be sent to your residence. We ask that you pay in full or contact us to arrange a payment plan within 30 days. We offer a 10 percent discount to patients with no insurance coverage, which will appear automatically on your statement. You may also choose to apply for free or reduced charges based on your income.

What to expect during the SHS billing process

Step 1: You receive service at a Samaritan Health Services hospital or clinic.
Step 2: Insurance is billed after internal review.
Step 3: You receive a billing summary and notification that insurance has been billed.
Step 4: Insurance pays (usually 60 days). If insurance pays all charges, you will not receive any further communications from us.
Step 5: Remaining charges are billed to you.
Step 6: Please remit payment in full within 30 days or contact us to set up a payment plan.

Your hospital bill

After you receive care at an SHS-affiliated hospital, we will immediately bill your insurance company. All patients should hear from us via a billing summary after services have been received. The insurance process can take 60 or more days. If insurance pays and there is no remaining balance, you will not receive any communication from us. If insurance does not pay within the 60 days, we will ask for your assistance in working with your health plan to remit payment.

Once your insurance has paid, any remaining balance is your responsibility. At that time, you will receive a statement notifying you of the amount. We ask that you remit payment in full or contact us to set up a payment plan within 30 days.

Your physician clinic bill

After your clinic visit, we will bill your insurance company. You will not receive final request for payment from us until your insurance has responded. This process can take 60 or more days. Once your insurance has paid, you will receive a statement for any remaining balance. We ask that you remit payment in full or contact us to set up a payment plan within 30 days.

Uninsured discount program

With the growing number of uninsured patients seeking care, we recognize the strain of paying medical bills without insurance coverage. Therefore, we have developed a discount program for our patients who do not have health insurance. Regardless of economic status, self-paying uninsured patients will receive a 10 percent discount. This discount will appear on your Samaritan Health Services billing statement.