Brenna Brown, CCC-SLP

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Brenna Brown, CCC-SLP

Personal Biography:

Brenna, a native of Oregon, was actually born at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center where she later completed internship training and now works as a licensed speech pathologist. In her free time, Brenna enjoys playing soccer and being creative with paint, glass, ink and fabric.

Brenna specializes in swallowing disorders, cognitive and neurological rehabilitation, voice disorders, communication disorders and swallowing therapy for tracheostomized patients. She has specialty certification to administer Lee Silverman voice treatment, and also provides fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of wwallowing, an objective swallow evaluation.

Medical Education and Training:

Master's degree: University of Oregon



  • Speech Therapy

    Speech therapy is the evaluation and treatment of those experiencing difficulties with speech sounds, language, voice, swallowing, memory, problem-solving or attention issues. With input from your primary care provider, Samaritan Physical Rehabilitation's speech-language pathologists will develop a personalized treatment plan to help maximize your communication, swallowing or thinking.