Farnoush Abar, MD

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Farnoush Abar, MD

Medical Education and Training:

Dr. Abar received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a master’s degree in public health from Saint Louis University, and a medical degree from Chicago Medical School.

She completed residency training in internal medicine at Oregon Health & Science University, a fellowship in hematology and oncology at New York University, and a fellowship in bone marrow transplant research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. She is board certified in hematology and internal medicine.



  • Cancer
    Physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and biological therapy are called medical oncologists. A medical oncologist often is the main health care provider for someone who has cancer. They also coordinate treatment given by other specialists and provide support for cancer patients.
  • Hematology
    Hematology is the study of blood diseases and disorders. Hematologists work with patients to diagnose and treat a variety of blood conditions.