John Lear-Konold, PT

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John Lear-Konold, PT

Personal Biography:

Manager of Samaritan Rebound Physical Therapy, John was born and raised in Ohio, but has lived in the Northwest for the last 35 years. He is married with two children, and enjoys spending what free time he has with them. John is also an avid biker, and weather permitting, rides his bike to work each day.

John started the total joint program at Rebound, and specializes in creating custom orthotics for patients with joint related injuries and disorders. He enjoys his work as a manager and also appreciates his time spent treating patients with a variety of unique conditions.

Medical Education and Training:

Bachelor's degree: University of Montana, Missoula
Bachelor's degree: University of Washington, Seattle



  • Physical Therapy
    Physical therapy is the treatment of disease or injury by physical means. It may utilize heat, cold, water, electricity, manual therapy and/or individualized exercise to bring about optimal physical function. With input from your primary care provider, our therapists will develop a personalized treatment plan to help improve your functional mobility.