Seishiro Hokazono, LAc

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Seishiro Hokazono, LAc

Personal Biography:

Seishiro trained for six months at the TJM Aizawa Clinic in Tokyo, Japan, studying Japanese meridian-style acupuncture. He specializes in using a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary counseling, moxibustion and lifestyle counseling to produce the balance each patient needs to heal.

He works to facilitate the body's natural healing processes, to release and develop the healing power inherent in each patient.

Seishiro speaks English, Japanese and Spanish.

Medical Education and Training:

Bachelor's degree: Carroll College
Master's degree: Southwest Acupuncture College
Certification: Diplomate of Oriental Medicine



  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture and acupressure are methods of releasing blockages in energy flows throughout the body (chi or qi through meridians) by stimulating acupoints with needles, while acupressure used pressure. Placebo controlled studies have shown acupuncture to be helpful for reducing pain and nausea, softening scars from surgery, improving vitality and possibly helping immunity.
  • Integrative Medicine
    Integrative medicine combines evidence-based therapies from multiple disciplines to facilitate a person’s innate ability to heal. The physician and patient work together using conventional Western medicine as well as Eastern medicine practices and movement, mind-body and natural therapies to promote health of the mind, body and spirit.