Shaun Wilcox, BS, LMT

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Shaun Wilcox, BS, LMT

Personal Biography:

Shaun received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Oregon State University and trained in massage therapy at the Oregon School of Massage. He practices trigger point, deep tissue and myofascial release therapies as well as Shiatsu and Thai massage.

“It is my belief that the mind and body are inextricably connected; that pain or loss of function also has a negative effect on our minds and spirits. Experiences both positive and negative transform into physical manifestations, and physical pain (chronic or otherwise) limits us in our capacities. Through the release of soft tissue – via non-medicated pain relief – not only do we experience a reduction in pain, but we also find that our minds and spirits are eased, leaving us open to experience life more fully.”

Medical Education and Training:

Bachelor's degree: Oregon State University
Specialty training: Oregon School of Massage 
State licensure: Massage therapy license number 12907



  • Integrative Medicine
    Integrative medicine combines evidence-based therapies from multiple disciplines to facilitate a person’s innate ability to heal. The physician and patient work together using conventional Western medicine as well as Eastern medicine practices and movement, mind-body and natural therapies to promote health of the mind, body and spirit.
  • Massage Therapy
    Massage therapy involves pressing, rubbing and otherwise manipulating muscles and soft tissues of the body, causing them to relax and lengthen and allowing pain-relieving oxygen and blood to flow to the affected area. Massage is considered effective for relieving any type of pain in the body's soft tissues, including back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, bursitis and tendonitis.