Surin Vasdev, MD

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Surin Vasdev, MD

Personal Biography:

Dr. Vasdev completed an undergraduate education at Dulwich College in London, England before entering medical school at the University of London. Upon graduation, he moved to the U.S. where he finished a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in gastroenterology and hepatology at the prestigious Mayo Clinic before going on staff there. He is board certified in gastroenterology.

Dr. Vasdev has been practicing in Corvallis since 1992 providing patient care in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, as well as general gastroenterology. He founded Mid-Valley Gastroenterology in 1997 and assumed the role of Medical Director of the Samaritan Endoscopy Center when it opened in 2006. He oversees the services provided in this state-of-the art facility where the goal is to “provide safe and comfortable endoscopic procedures with cutting edge technology in a facility dedicated to endoscopy.”

Named an assistant professor of medicine in 2007 for Western University of Health Sciences, Dr. Vasdev is actively involved in graduate medical education and teaches students about the gastroenterology specialty.

His other interests include mountain biking, painting and watching movies with his wife and children.

Medical Education and Training:

Bachelor's degree: Dulwich College
Medical degree: University of London
Residency: Mayo Clinic
Board certification: Gastroenterology



  • Endoscopy
    Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure that is used to assess the interior surfaces of an organ by inserting a tube into the body. The instrument may have a rigid or flexible tube and not only provide an image for visual inspection and photography, but also enable taking biopsies and retrieval of foreign objects. Endoscopy is the vehicle for minimally invasive surgery and patients may receive conscious sedation so they do not have to be consciously aware of the discomfort.  Many endoscopic procedures are considered to be relatively painless and, at worst, associated with moderate discomfort.
  • Gastroenterology
    A Gastroenterologist works with patients to treat, control, and manage a wide range of conditions. Some of the many conditions diagnosed and treated by Gastroenterologists include acid reflux disease, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, ulcers, hernias, and many more. Gastroenterologists must be able to diagnose the signs and symptoms of all digestive diseases and perform all the appropriate diagnostic tests.