Our Priorities

Our Priorities

Quality improvement projects and studies

Multiple studies are underway to assess and improve the quality of patient care, safety and satisfaction. These studies ensure that Samaritan employs the latest evidence-based practices in medicine.

Clinical trial research

Our involvement in clinical trial research enables Samaritan to help to build knowledge about effective medical treatments and devices and at the same time offer our patients the opportunity to gain access to cutting-edge therapies before they are widely available. Recent and current clinical research includes trials on interventions in the fields of oncology, cardiology, internal medicine, orthopedics, sleep medicine, plastic surgery and pediatrics.

Breast health research

Coinciding with the expansion of our Regional Cancer Center comes an increased emphasis on breast health research.  In addition to clinical trial research, conducting studies on the effectiveness of complementary and alternative methods to enhance emotional health and improve well-being during and after treatment is a priority area.

Collaborative health research

We broker collaborative relationships between academic researchers and community practitioners. With our growing network of research and program partners in universities, academic medical centers, hospitals and clinics, state and federal agencies, and community-based organizations, the portfolio of collaborative projects and studies aimed at reducing health inequities and improving community health continues to expand. Current projects involve partnerships with Oregon State University, Oregon Health and Sciences University, the State of Oregon, and community-based organizations in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties.

Rural health

A considerable portion of the SHS service area is rural. As a result, we are running varied projects to improve access to care in rural areas, to explore alternative methods of providing health services to geographically isolated individuals, and to reduce physical and social isolation. We actively seek and obtain grants from private foundations and the state and federal government to develop and implement programs in rural communities to promote health and prevent disease in children and families.  Recent initiatives developed specifically for rural commuties address issues of childhood obesity, elder care, breast health and arts in health care.

Community-based health promotion

In collaboration with its community-based partners, SHS provides health promotion and disease prevention programs and services throughout our service region.  Current studies include the evaluation of short-term educational programs to help patients self-manage specific health conditions, support for patients with chronic pain, and programs to improve employee health and well-being.

Research capacity

Individual mentoring, group training sessions and educational programs are provided to build important knowledge and skills in areas such as human protection, research design, data collection and analysis. Our center developed and maintains two web-based services aimed at building research capacity at SHS and, in fact, around the world.
  • ScanGrants.com is a listing of grants and other funding types to support health research, programs and scholarship.
  • ResearchRaven.com facilitates health research, programs and scholarship by enabling users to efficiently find information about professional conferences, calls for papers and more.