Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

The Samaritan Cancer Program offers state-of-the-art, high energy linear accelerators, which are computer controlled to deliver an extremely precise radiation treatment based on each patient's customized treatment plan.

Each treatment plan is customized using a three-dimensional treatment planning computer that allows cancer center physicians and staff to use computed tomography (CT) images to create a 3-D model of each patient and a treatment plan that precisely conforms to each patient's unique tumor size and location.

To precisely shape the radiation beam, the cancer center uses a multileaf collimation system to deliver radiation to the patient's tumor and shield or avoid the healthy tissue.

For tumors that require particularly precise radiation targeting, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is used. This advanced form of external beam radiation is especially valuable in treating tumors that are situated among healthy tissues or critical organs. IMRT allows for a radiation beam to be so accurately sculpted to the tumor shape that it can zoom in on its target with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. The precision targeting also allows physicians to intensify the radiation to the cancerous area.

Each of the high energy linear accelerators used to deliver the patient's customization plan is equipped with an advanced electronic portal imaging device that the radiation therapist and physician use to guide the radiation treatments. This advanced technology (called Image Guided Radiation Therapy or IGRT) allows us to not only deliver a very precise treatment but also allows us to minimize the patient's daily treatment time.

The effect of these technologies is concentrated treatment of the target tumor with reduced danger to surrounding structures and, ultimately, fewer side effects for the patient.