Infectious Disease

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    Infectious Disease

    Samaritan Infectious Disease provides health care services to residents and health care providers throughout Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties. We also host the International Travel Clinic.

    Our services

    Inpatient consultation.
    Inpatient consults are available for inpatients at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center and affiliated Samaritan hospitals. Continued outpatient care is provided to those patients needing post-hospital follow-up. Where appropriate, home intravenous antibiotic therapy is provided under ongoing physician supervision.


    Outpatient consultation.
    Patients are seen at Samaritan Infectious Disease by physician referral, or patients can self-refer. Call 541-768-5810 to make an appointment.


    Outpatient IV therapy.
    The home infusion of intravenous antibiotics has become a standard method of treating serious bacterial infections. This allows patients to be in their home environments and affords considerable cost savings to health systems as compared to hospitalization. Samaritan Infectious Disease physicians provide medical supervision of patients on outpatient IV antibiotics.


    Antibiotic management.
    Samaritan Infectious Disease physicians are available to provide antibiotic formulary advice to affiliated hospital pharmacies. In addition Antibiotic Stewardship efforts may be initiated in the future to attempt to ensure rational, cost-effective use of antimicrobials and in efforts to limit the development of antimicrobial resistance.


    Antibiotic susceptibility.
    Samaritan Infectious Disease physicians closely monitor local antibiotic susceptiblility data so as to inform local providers of trends in antibiotic susceptibility. Such data are crucial for providers to make informed choices for antibiotic prescription.


    HIV care.
    Medical care is provided by Samaritan Infectious Disease physicians in the management of HIV, its complex therapies, and its complications. Care is provided in a continuing fashion in cooperation with primary care physicians and other providers of HIV medical care in the region.


    Case management.
    Case management and social service support are crucial aspects of HIV care. Guidance is provided to assist patients through the complex medical, emotional, and financial aspects of living with HIV. Such care is provided via a cooperative arrangement with case managers from local county health departments.


    Nutritional support.
    Nutritional support is provided by a professional dietitian. Complex medical regimens and clinical illness can interfere with proper nutrition making the availability of professional nutritional advice very important. Substance abuse counseling is available for individuals infected with HIV who have difficulties with substance abuse.

    Our providers

    William Muth, MD
    Sugat Patel, MD