PEER Online™

Getting you the right medication for your individual needs

PEER Online™

Samaritan Mental Health Family Center in Corvallis, Oregon is proud to offer cutting-edge PEER Online™ treatment for behavioral conditions, getting you the right medication for your individual needs.

If you’re currently taking medication as part of your treatment and not seeing the results you need, we can help. We're one of just two mental health clinics in Oregon to offer PEER Online and the only one to provide this service to adolescents.

Psychiatric EEG Evaluation Registry, or PEER Online, is a registry that allows doctors to compare treatment regimens and patient outcomes to help guide a treatment that has the best chance of helping you and your individual situation. This unique test enables doctors to learn which medication treatments have been effective, and which haven’t, for treating patients with similar brain patterns.

The test is performed by comparing your brainwaves (measured using an EEG test) to a database of EEG results that have been matched with treatments found to be effective for that brainwave pattern. Your doctor can use the outcome report to help guide treatment choices.

The PEER process

We will talk with your doctor about your unique situation and needs. You will need to be off medications to complete the EEG. If you aren't able to stop your medication, you will need to work with your doctor to safely discontinue your current medications so that you may complete the test. Our staff will assist you and your doctor in determining which medications must be stopped, and for how long, prior to the test.

EEG recording
We will talk you through the process of recording your EEG (brain wave test). There is typically no pain while the EEG is recorded as the test only records your brain waves (electrical activity). Instructions will be provided before the test and there is no need for you to shave your head. The results of the EEG test will be sent for analysis and conversion into an outcome report. A report is typically provided to your physician within 48 hours.

Review results
The outcome report will be reviewed by a physician at Samaritan Mental Health Family Center or by your personal physician. We are happy to work with your personal physician during this process.

Follow up
As with any treatment, regular follow up is important. You will be asked to complete several rating forms at each visit to help guide your treatment.

Next steps

If you feel you would benefit from this personalized treatment plan, talk with your health care provider or call Samaritan Mental Health Family Center today.

It is recommended that you consult your health insurance plan for eligibility of coverage. If you have billing questions or need financial assistance, our staff is available to assist you.

For more information, call us at 541-768-4620.

If you have more questions, learn more about PEER Online 
at this website.