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    Neurosurgery services for the treatment of brain, spine and peripheral nerve injuries and disease are one of Samaritan's key specialties. If you are someone close to you has suffered from a stroke or other neurological disorder, rest assured that advanced care is available close to home. Backed by one of the three level 2 trauma hospitals in the state of Oregon, we are able to tend to your needs whether they are emergent or the result of a longtime problem.

    Some of the disorders that we treat include:
    • Back and neck problems
    • Head and spine trauma
    • Brain and spine tumors

    Our outpatient clinic, Samaritan Neurosurgery, focuses on creating a partnership with you, your primary care provider and your neurosurgeon through quality communication and collaboration. Working together, we explore options for the most effective treatments and make decisions that support positive outcomes for you.

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