Joint Replacement Program Testimonials

Joint Replacement Program Testimonials

We understand that joint replacement is a significant decision, which is why our program is based on advanced preparation, education, group therapy and long-term outcomes tracking. Once you have decided that joint replacement is the right treatment for you, a team from Samaritan Mid-Valley Orthopedics, Samaritan Rebound Physical Therapy and the Surgery and Rehabilitation departments at Samaritan Albany General Hospital come together to provide you high-quality, compassionate service that will get you back to doing what you love, whether it is hiking, walking, dancing or golfing.

Learn more about our program by watching the videos below. See what sets us apart in the eyes of our surgeons, and patients Rex and Shirley.

Learn more about why our surgeons and their patients think the Joint Replacement Program at Samaritan Albany General Hospital is unique.

Rex Sedlacek is a longtime resident of Corvallis, Ore., who played sports growing up and loves to fish and hunt. When his knees started to stand in the way of having fun he went to the Joint Replacement Program at Samaritan Albany General Hospital to get back to active.

Shirley Grill of Albany, Ore., loves to walk. When she decided to have a knee replacement surgery her main goal was to be able to walk again. Walking is her passion and something she does socially. She was amazed with how fast she recovered and tells all of her friends to not be afraid to have surgery.