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If you suspect you have a sleeping disorder, talk to your primary care physician who can refer you to one of The Corvallis Clinic's sleep specialists. Sleep consultations are offered in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Lincoln City and Newport.


If you need to participate in a sleep study to further diagnose a sleeping disorder, you will be seen  at the location nearest you provided the type of study you need can be offered there. Typically more severe cases will be seen at the Samaritan Sleep Disorders Center in Corvallis.



Call for more information

The Corvallis Clinic Sleep Medicine Department
3680 NW Samaritan Drive
Corvallis, (541) 754-1268

Samaritan Sleep Center
950 29th Ave. SW
Albany, (541) 812-5470

Samaritan Sleep Disorders Center
3600 NW Samaritan Drive
Corvallis, (541) 768-5260

Samaritan Pacific Sleep Lab
930 SW Abbey St.
Newport, (541) 574-4796