Follow-up Care

Follow-up Care

Our program combines a surgical approach to losing weight with ongoing education and support to help you achieve significant weight loss, reduce your long-term medical risks and improve your overall quality of life. Your care doesn't end after surgery. We will be with you through every step of the recovery process and beyond.

We are dedicated to providing quality service in a friendly and compassionate environment. To help ensure the best long-term outcomes for our patients, the program is hospital-based and involves a health care team that includes dietitians, exercise specialists, and mental health professionals, in addition to the surgery staff. Each group of professionals brings a unique understanding of the issues surrounding obesity and a commitment to help you reach your weight-loss and quality-of-life goals.

The Samaritan Bariatric Surgery Program consists of three components:

Pre-operative evaluation and education
Eligible candidates are provided with extensive education on gastric bypass surgery and given ample time to make an informed decision about whether to undergo surgery.

Surgery and hospital care
Outstanding bariatric surgeons Robert Read, MD, PhD, and Don Yarbrough, MD, perform every gastric bypass surgery at the Samaritan Bariatric Surgery Program. After surgery, patients receive detailed instructions and personal support regarding diet, medications, and wound care.

Postoperative evaluation and follow-up
A key component of success is participation in support groups and comprehensive medical follow-ups, including routine monitoring of weight loss, nutritional status and any post-operative problems. You will become part of a family of other program patients and supportive staff members who will stick with you through the entire recovery and weight loss process.