Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine

Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine

The sexual health and survivorship medicine program at Samaritan Obstetrics & Gynecology incorporates two highly-specialized areas of focus for women of all ages and sexual orientation.

This unique and innovative program is led by Cynthia Noble, MD.

Dr. Noble earned a medical degree and completed residency training at Oregon Health & Science University, and is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. She studied at The Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine, where she trained with Michael L. Krychman, MD, recognized internationally as a leader in the fields of female sexuality and cancer survivorship care.

Sexual health
Sexual dysfunction affects nearly half of all women in the United States, as well as the vast majority of peri- and post-menopausal women. Women often experience symptoms that can greatly reduce their desire for intimacy and impact their quality of life.

Common sexual health complaints
• Inhibited sexual desire, due to hormonal changes, medical conditions and treatments,depression, stress and fatigue
• Inability to become aroused, due to insufficient vaginal lubrication, inadequate stimulation and blood flow disorders
• Lack of orgasm, due to insufficient stimulation, certain chronic illnesses and medications
• Painful intercourse, due to vaginal inflammation, poor lubrication, presence of scar tissue and endometriosis
• Vulvodynia and vulvar vestibulitis (pain at theopening of the vagina), due to infections, allergic reactions or unknown causes
• Sexual issues as a result/side effect of medication

Sexual health areas of focus
• Vaginal atrophy/vaginal dryness
• Painful intercourse
• Problems with sexual arousal
• Problems with orgasm
• Low sex drive
• Vaginal spasms
• Problems with body image
• Condom sensitivity or allergy

Examples of therapies offered
• Hormone replacement
• Non-hormonal menopause symptom management
• Vaginal lubricants and moisturizers
• Treatment for arousal difficulties
• Vaginal dilators and vacuum devices
• Testosterone supplements
• Nerve block
• Surgical intervention

Survivorship medicine
Survivorship medicine is for women living with chronic medical illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, heart disease and diabetes. Survivorship medicine is also focused on caring for women who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, those receiving chemotherapy, surgery or radiation, or women preparing to undergo cancer treatment.

Survivorship medicine areas of focus
• Comprehensive bone health management
• Management of abnormal pap smears
• Management of hot fl ashes without hormones
• Sleep issues associated with menopause
• Cancer screening
• Cancer risk reduction
• Premature menopause in young cancer survivors
• Management of Tamoxifen and Aromatase inhibitor side effects for breast cancer patients
• Comprehensive health care planning for women at high risk for breast or ovarian cancer
• Comprehensive health care planning for women who opt for preventive surgery to remove their ovaries

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