Girod Birth Center (SLCH)

Girod Birth Center (SLCH)

When you choose the Girod Birth Center at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital to deliver your baby, you will be cared for by highly trained and compassionate nurses and medical staff in a state-of-the-art environment. We are committed to providing the best care and strive to offer individualized care for each family.

Our rooms are designed to be a comfortable setting for bringing a special loved one into the world while providing amenities for the whole family. We provide spacious, private rooms equipped with a shower. Each room is capable of accommodating a visitor chair that can be transformed into a bed as needed. And we like to help you celebrate your newest family member so we provide new parents with a take-home celebration meal.

The Girod Birth Center also provides a comprehensive Maternity Care Coordinator program to help customize your birth experience and care for you and your baby. A complete education series covering prenatal to postpartum, including sibling and breastfeeding classes, are available to all of our expectant families.

To further enhance the birthing experience, mom and baby receive "couplet care," meaning the same nurse takes care of mom and baby throughout the entire hospital stay. During that time, baby is encouraged to stay with mom as much as possible, so that both may benefit from the special bond they share.

Making sure your baby is safe at all times is one of our greatest concerns. That's why we have a security camera, why we lock the door leading to the Girod Birth Center, and why our nurses have to buzz our visitors in when they ring the doorbell. In addition, we put two leg bands on your baby right at birth, and we put matching bands on mom and dad or whoever may be serving as mom's support person.

Family and friends are welcome to visit new mothers from 2 to 8 p.m. daily. Click here for more information about visiting the hospital.

When it's time to go home from the hospital, we match these bands for identification. During your hospital stay, you will be shown a video on how to care for a newborn. You needn't worry about remembering every helpful tip, though, because you'll be taking the video home with you, as a gift, for future reference. And if you like, you may ask to see an infant bath demonstration.

To help new moms and babies maintain a successful, mutually rewarding breastfeeding experience, OB nurses, with special training as lactation consultants, are available for follow-up hospital visits. Patients may call us to arrange for these appointments at their convenience. During these follow-up visits, nurses will answer questions, observe a breastfeeding session in a private, comfortable setting and address any concerns moms may have. A lactation help line is also available if you have any questions about breastfeeding, (541) 451-7588.

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