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Don’t Let a Diagnosis Slow You Down

Pulmonary rehabilitation is for those who face limits because of chronic lung disease and want to overcome them. Our pulmonary rehabilitation experts at Samaritan Health Services are committed to helping you better understand lung disease and getting you back to enjoying your everyday activities.

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How We Can Help

Samaritan’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs are designed to help people who have been diagnosed with asthma, COPD (chronic bronchitis, emphysema), bronchiectasis, fibrotic or interstitial diseases of the lung. Our staff of pulmonary rehab experts work together to develop specialized programs for you that combine exercise and education. Patients can attend up to 36 one-hour sessions per year, depending on their needs.

Education is a critical component to the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program. Patients will learn about:

  • Managing your symptoms and decreasing your problems with breathing
  • Improving your physical condition and other factors impacting lung health
  • Nutrition and weight loss
  • Different lung diseases and the anatomy and physiology of the lungs

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