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Join Local Experts for Our Breast Health Seminars

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Breast MRI 101:  Indications & Uses (Oct. 6 at Noon)

Group of woman in pink for breast cancer stand together and hug.
Join Jessica Germino, MD, director of Breast & Women’s Imaging for an educational webinar where she’ll discuss the basics of breast MRI and the technology advances of this service.

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La Importancia De Las Mamografías (Oct. 11 at 1 p.m.)

A woman receives a mammogram with a female doctor standing at her side.
Únase a Adabet Solorio, Coordinadora de Programación de Imágenes para un seminario web educativo para aprender sobre mamografías y pruebas de detección de cáncer de mama.

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Connecting Breast Cancer & Nutrition (Oct. 20 at Noon)

Hispanic woman cuts peppers on a cutting board with other vegetables laying on the counter.
Nutrition and food choices play an important role during cancer treatment. In this seminar Athena Nofziger, registered dietitian, shares information about the impact of nutrition on breast cancer, diabetes and weight management.

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Surviving Breast Cancer, Together (Oct. 22 at 1 p.m.)

Close up of a woman blowing confetti out of her outstretched hands.
Join Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner Holly Almond, MSN, FNP, along with special guest and breast cancer survivor Anne Pettingill, as they talk about cancer survivorship. They’ll also touch on other aspects of cancer care at Samaritan.

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Early Detection Matters

Elaine Wells of Albany was preparing for brain surgery to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and she knew she needed to make sure other aspects of her health were taken care of first. That included scheduling her annual mammogram.

When Wells arrived for the mammogram, the imaging she received was the latest 3D technology called tomosynthesis. 

Breast Health Seminar Recordings

My Mammogram is Abnormal. What Next?

Learn about mammography services and the technology advances, from Jessica Germino, MD, director of Breast & Women’s Imaging at Corvallis Radiology.

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Hot Nutrition Topics for Breast Cancer Survivors

Learn about popular diet trends for cancer prevention and survivorship and the relationship between sugar and cancer with Registered Dietitian Athena Nofzinger.

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Advancements in Radiation Oncology

Learn about advancements in radiation therapy and the role it has in treating breast cancer, from Norman Yeh, MD, board-certified radiation oncologist.

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La Importancia de la Salud de los Sensos y Recursos

Aprenda sobre los recursos para la salud de los senos en nuestra comunidad y cómo la mamografía puede salvar vidas.

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Concerned about the cost related to breast cancer screenings? Contact a Samaritan Cancer Resource Center to learn about financial assistance options. 

541-768-2171 or 541-812-5888