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Planning for Better Community Health

Samaritan Health Services performs Community Health Needs Assessments and creates Community Benefit Plans to help guide efforts to improve community health. The plan includes important information about the current health status of our region and establishes goals, objectives and priorities for improving community health during the years 2023 through 2025.

GOAL: Greater Access

Objective: Increase access to medical, dental and mental health/behavioral health services in the community.

Priorities: Medical, dental, mental health/behavioral health care, suicide prevention, substance use disorder prevention and treatment, treatment for depression.


GOAL: Healthy Families

Objective: Increase access to healthy and nutritious food, child care and safety in the community.

Priorities: Food insecurity, child care, child abuse/neglect, domestic violence.


GOAL: Healthy Communities

Objective: Increase housing, employment and supportive services in the community.

Priorities: Housing costs, unhoused/homelessness, poverty, culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

Community Health Needs Assessments

Each county’s Community Health Needs Assessment was created in collaboration with numerous community leaders and other agency and organizational partners. View our Community Health Needs Assessments for each of our five hospital sites below: