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Planning for Better Community Health

Samaritan performs Community Health Assessments and creates Community Benefit Plans each year to help guide efforts to improve community health. The plan includes important information about the current health status of our region and establishes six major goals for improving community health.

Goal 1: Healthy families - Increase physical activity, fitness and access to nutritious foods for children and families.
Goal 2: Greater access - Increase access to medical, dental and mental health supports and services in the community.
Goal 3: Better networks - Increase social supports for families.
Goal 4: Healthy kids - Increase services and supports for children.
Goal 5: Healthy teens - Increase services and supports for adolescents.
Goal 6: Healthy seniors - Increase social support for seniors.

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Community Health Assessments

Each county’s Community Health Assessment was created in collaboration with numerous community leaders and other agency and organizational partners.

View our Community Health Assessments:

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Community Benefit Plans

Each Samaritan hospital has a Community Benefit Plan based on identified community health needs, goals and priorities for each county it serves.

Samaritan’s Community Benefit Plans guide our community benefit efforts and are reviewed and approved by our hospitals’ boards of directors, which are made up of hospital staff, physicians and community members. The boards review and monitor the progress of the plans each year.

As our communities grow, and as health care continues to undergo transformation, our Community Benefit efforts will become increasingly important to help address the health-related needs of our communities and region.

View our Community Benefit Plans: