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Improving Community Health Is at the Core of Our Mission

In 2022, Samaritan invested more than $174 million in community health activities such as services for low-income individuals, free health screenings, health-related research, training for health professionals and grants to local nonprofits in support of health initiatives. Of particular note:  this investment increased from 2021 even though the pandemic challenged our ability to host on-site student experiences and interact with community-based organizations to the degree we typically would.

These investments are designed to help address priorities and gaps as identified through hospital Community Health Needs Assessments and the resulting Community Benefit Implementation Plans. Our current areas of focus are:

1. Greater Access

Objective: Increase access to medical, dental and mental health/behavioral health services in the community.
Priorities: Medical, dental, mental health/behavioral health care, suicide prevention, substance use disorder prevention and treatment, treatment for depression.

2. Healthy Families

Objective: Increase access to healthy and nutritious food, child care and safety in the community.
Priorities: Food insecurity, child care, child abuse/neglect, domestic violence.

3. Healthy Communities 

Objective: Increase housing, employment and supportive services in the community.
Priorities: Housing costs, unhoused/homelessness, poverty, culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

As we complete these activities each year, we believe it’s important to report back to the community regarding progress that has been made in each goal area. I encourage you to read the 2023 Community Health Impact Report to explore stories of partnership and inspiration. I hope the report clearly illustrate Samaritan’s commitment to our communities and the successful results that happen when everyone works together for the benefit of all.

Doug Boysen, JD, MHA
President/CEO, Samaritan Health Services

About Community Benefit

Samaritan’s contribution to the community through community benefit activities includes many types of support to individuals and programs. Our holistic approach focuses on programs and services that meet patients wherever they are on their journey in life and in health.

Learn About the Organizations We Support

The organizations we support through our Social Accountability Grant funding play important roles in our local communities. They provide resources, programs and supports that make a difference in the lives of people each and every day. We invite you to spend a moment to learn about the featured organization for each of the three counties in our service area.