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Family Promise Supports Struggling & Displaced Families

Children and families in Lincoln County experiencing homelessness can find help with Family Promise of Lincoln County, which offers shelter and meals, case management with a focus on parenting and financial literacy and a day care center. Local mental health counselors from the community utilize the day center to provide service to families in the program.

“Normally we partner with local churches to utilize their buildings and volunteers, but with the COVID-19 pandemic and state guidelines, we don’t anticipate being able to use the churches until the summer of 2021,” said Elizabeth Reyes, executive director. “While we can’t have as many families at a time, we are able to still provide shelter at our day-center located in Lincoln City, along with showers, laundry facilities, a kitchen and play area.”

Samaritan’s Social Accountability Committee in Lincoln County has recognized Family Promise’s great work with grant funding for several years. In 2020, the committee provided funding for the program’s staff to continue training in the Nurturing Parent program, Trauma Informed Care, Nervous ReSet, financial education and other programs that Family Promise offers to its clients.

In 2020, Family Promise was able to use Samaritan’s grant to shelter three families at a local hotel, while FPLC staff updated the day center to meet state COVID-19 regulations to continue to safely serve families. Family Promise also provided food boxes to 173 people in 40 families, as well as emergency shelter and comprehensive resource navigation for 43 people in 15 families displaced by the Echo Mountain Fire.

The organization also sent its staff to multiple trainings, through which they were able to counsel 13 families in financial planning, 41 people in Darkness to Light child abuse awareness workshops. They also trained 43 new volunteers on how to use 211 and other community resources to become boots-on-the-ground advocates within their own community.

“Samaritan’s grant was crucial for us to help meet our clients’ needs during a challenging year in 2020,” Reyes said. “Without the 2020 grant, our staff would be further behind in education and certification. We would be unable to offer virtual life skills classes, like parenting and financial literacy.”

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In 2020, Family Promise of Lincoln County:

  • Sheltered three families at a local hotel while staff updated the day center to meet COVID-19 regulations.
  • Provided food boxes to 40 families.
  • Provided emergency shelter and resource navigation to 15 families displaced by the Echo Mountain Fire.
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