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Linn County Coalition Takes On Teenage Tobacco Use

The members of Linn Together have been working for nearly 20 years on helping middle and high school-age kids make the best decisions for their future and their future health. Their primary focus is on prevention, but tobacco use is also a concern because statistics show a teenager who uses tobacco before age 18 is more likely to become addicted.

“Tobacco use sets them on the wrong trajectory,” said Ron Jacobsen, a probation officer with the Linn County Juvenile Department and member of the Linn Together coalition. “I see it leading to use of alcohol, marijuana and other dangerous substances all the time.”

Samaritan Albany General Hospital partnered with Linn Together in 2018, with a Social Accountability grant that the coalition used to train 11 individuals on the Project EX program, which focuses on helping high school students quit their tobacco use. Those 11 trainers will work with students throughout Linn County to help them make healthy choices.

“Project EX is a training program that we simply wouldn’t have been able to offer without the Samaritan grant,” Jacobsen said. “This grant also allowed us to spend our resources on other community trainings in the areas of underage marijuana use and bullying. Both of those trainings were highly successful.”

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In 2018, Linn Together:

  • Trained 11 individuals to lead Project EX tobacco cessation training for teens.




Pictured: Linn Together coalition members (left to right, top to bottom) Angie Jansen, Shannon Snair, Darwin Merrill and Ron Jacobsen

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Other Partners in Supporting Programs and Services for Healthy Teens:

  • Faith, Home and Charity, Inc.
  • Jackson Street Youth Services
  • Lincoln County School District - LIFT
  • OBRIA Medical Clinics/Pregnancy Alternatives Center
  • Options Pregnancy Resource Centers
  • Philomath High School
  • Sweet Home Pregnancy Center