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North End Senior Solutions Empowers Local Seniors

From the moment you walk in the door at North End Senior Solutions in Lincoln City, it is clear that this isn’t your typical program. What you will find is a group of people engaging in exciting activities, eating a homemade lunch and socializing together, with plenty of laughs around the table.

Unless you know who you are looking for, it is not easy to tell who is a staff member, volunteer or participant, and as Director and Founder Jan Molnar-Fitzgerald will tell you, that is on purpose.

"We are all equal here and there is no hierarchy," Molnar-Fitzgerald explains. “We aren’t here to act as caregivers for people – we are here to help give them the confidence to do it themselves, and then be there for them if they do need us."

The goal of North End Senior Solutions is to help keep seniors and people living with disabilities at home, rather than in long-term care facilities. By giving participants a positive place to go during the day that lets them socialize and practice cognitive and physical skills, the organization believes it can help people live at home where they would prefer to be.

Molnar-Fitzgerald founded North End Senior Solutions after her husband Bob had a stroke and she personally experienced the gap in care in the community.

"We realized our needs and the community’s needs were much greater than what was being offered," Molnar-Fitzgerald said. “So we decided we had to do something."

The program also offers transportation services, thanks in part to funding by Samaritan’s Social Accountability grants, which helps reimburse mileage costs for volunteer drivers. The transportation program helps participants get to medical appointments, the grocery store or other activities.

Molnar-Fitzgerald has seen firsthand the difference their program has made by enabling people with the tools they need, rather than always stepping in as the traditional caregiver.

"One of our participants first came to us in a wheelchair, hardly able to walk,” Molnar-Fitzgerald said. “But after spending time here, she has regained so much of herself. She walks around with her head held high now. She even dances!"

 In 2016, North End Senior Solutions:

  • Provided more than 3,500 miles of rides to medical appointments and as needed otherwise
  • Provided rides for 35 participants

Learn how North End Senior Solutions is helping seniors and people living with disabilities improve social, cognitive and physical abilities in a positive space.

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Background image: Northend Senior Solutions

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