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Prepared to Respond

Samaritan Health Services works with local, county, state and federal agencies to be sure we are prepared to effectively respond before, during and after a community emergency or natural disaster. We strive for a level of preparedness that allows us to rapidly respond to emergencies and minimize serious illnesses in our community. Each hospital has dynamic and interactive plans to meet various levels of response.

Samaritan uses the Incident Command System to train and manage response efforts. Staff members are trained and equipped to implement the Incident Command System as they switch from day-to-day operations to disaster response operations.

As a state leader, Samaritan hosts the six-county Healthcare Preparedness Program. 

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Risks in Our Community

As part of the mid-Willamette Valley, our communities have both illness and environmental risks that could affect our residents.

Getting Prepared

To prepare for any emergency/disaster, you should:

  • Have an emergency supply of food and water in your house, in case you can’t get out for a few days.
  • Have someone who can check on you to make sure you are all right.
  • Have methods for keeping warm, in the event of power failure such as clothing, blankets, properly installed/serviced stoves.
  • Have a battery powered radio, tuned to a local news station, to receive the latest weather bulletins.
  • Consult with emergency preparedness websites for more information.
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Leaders in the Field

Samaritan Health Services serves as the lead agency in coordinating emergency preparedness for Oregon’s Region 2, an area that includes Benton, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties. There are seven designated health care preparedness regions in the State of Oregon.

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Samaritan believes its important for every community member to personally be prepared for an emergency. There are a lot of city, county, state and national resources available to help you prepare for an emergency or disaster in your place of business and home.