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Samaritan Implements New Electronic Medical Records System


Nearly a year ago, Samaritan Health Services implemented a new medical record system called Epic in its five hospitals as part of Samaritan’s mission to provide seamless, high-quality patient care.

The time has arrived to implement the system in Samaritan’s more than 70 clinics, beginning with a handful of clinics based in Corvallis. On Feb. 3, Samaritan Family Medicine, Samaritan Family Medicine Resident Clinic, Samaritan Obstetrics & Gynecology Resident Clinic, Samaritan Internal Medicine, Samaritan Pediatrics and Samaritan Family Medicine, Southwest will all turn on the new system. The remaining Samaritan clinics will go live in larger clusters on March 31, June 2 and Aug. 4.


Epic is an industry leader in integrated health records and is used by numerous health systems in Oregon such as Legacy Health and Oregon Health & Science University, as well as many others across the nation.


Benefits associated with the Epic electronic medical record system include:

  • Positive impact on patient safety through built-in alerts and warnings, which will prevent medication errors from potential adverse drug reactions and unsafe drug combinations Seamless flow of information by organizing care around the patient
  • Patient information is available whenever and wherever it is needed through a secure connection. Whether it’s OHSU needing to see a patient’s Samaritan record, or Samaritan needing to see OHSU’s, we will all have the ability to connect with ease
  • Multiple care providers, in different locations can simultaneously view a patient’s medical record and get up-to-the-minute information — enabling providers to work more efficiently in determining if further consultation or testing is needed
  • Independent providers who share patients in common with Samaritan will also have secure access to their patient’s records
  • Contributes to high standards of quality care through real-time documentation and care coordination between nurses and doctors

With the implementation of Epic a patient portal named MyChart will now be available to patients, allowing them to view their personal medical record, receive test results, request prescription refills, view appointments and more.


“As with any new system, there will be a learning curve for the health care providers and clinic staff but the benefits to our patients are so significant that they outweigh the temporary discomfort associated with implementing a whole new system,” said Ryan Combs, VP of Primary Care Operations. “We are looking forward to having one electronic medical record for each patient that can be viewed between providers, resulting in more efficient and timely coordinated care.”