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Brownsville woman has new life after weight-loss surgery

After fighting her weight for 27 years, Kerri Crouch of Brownsville feels like she has her second wind of life.

I want everyone to feel this amazing,” said Crouch, 45, a patient of the Samaritan Bariatric Surgery Program who has dropped more than 200 pounds from her top weight. Crouch, who weighed 346 pounds at one point, is now down to 133 pounds after having a gastric bypass procedure in December 2012.

She made the decision for bariatric surgery after repeatedly dropping some of her weight, only to put it back on. In December 2008, weighing 323 pounds, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

After my diagnosis, I started eating healthy and I did a walking program,” she said. “I would lose weight, but then I’d plateau. I would lose 100 pounds and then slowly regain 40. I couldn’t lose the last 120 pounds.”

She attended the program’s informational seminar in October 2012, after which she began the extensive checklist required before surgery is scheduled. The checklist includes losing 5 percent of your body weight, as well as appointments with a mental health counselor and dietitian.

On Dec. 17, 2012, bariatric surgeon Don Yarborough, MD, performed a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on Crouch. Over the next year, she slowly dropped down to 133 pounds.

“My goal is to get down to 129 pounds,” said Crouch. “I’m giving myself the leeway to go up to 139, but I won’t let myself go beyond that. I’ve been given this wonderful gift, and I will maintain it.”

Crouch said the change has not only improved her physical health but also enhanced her emotional wellness.

“Today I have a different attitude,” she said. “I can take on anything that comes my way. I have the energy to do it, which is absolutely the best thing!”

The Samaritan Bariatric Surgery Program combines outstanding medical quality with a compassionate, comprehensive follow-up program you won’t find anywhere else.