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How Our Donors Make a Difference at Samaritan

Across the Samaritan system, the $10.1 million that donors gave to our five Samaritan-affiliated hospital foundations in 2013 is being put to good use, helping to save, heal and touch lives on a daily basis. But don’t take our word for it! The following examples share how donor-supported projects are impacting patients, their families, and the medical providers and staff who care them.

“Each and every member of the hospice house team is a truly unique and wonderful gift. From the first moment we arrived, they told me ‘we will take care of you and your mom’ and they did in the most incredibly compassionate way.”

– Dell Alexander, Albany General Hospital Foundation board of directors

The hospice house was built thanks to a nearly completed $4.9 million fundraising campaign by the Albany General Hospital Foundation, and has served more than 800 patients, including Dell’s mother, since opening in the summer of 2012.

“The resounding theme is that everyone who has come through our doors feels loved and supported during their stay. It’s mind boggling just how valuable this house is to those who have stayed here. It’s pretty incredible to have that sort of impact.”

– Gloria Lekkerkerker, Pastega House supervisor

The Mario Pastega House was built in 2004, and is situated on two scenic acres on the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center campus. Inside are 12 guest suites carefully designed to offer comfort and convenience for patients and their families. More than 6,800 guest stays were booked at the house in 2013.

“There were so many things I learned about nutrition and taking care of my body that I never knew. I learned how to think about food differently and now I’m trying to get my family healthy, too.”

– Janice Keeter, participant in diabetes education classes at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital

Diabetes education classes are typically paid for by insurance, but uninsured or underinsured patients often wouldn’t be able to attend without financial assistance. That’s where donor support comes in — providing scholarships for qualifying patients to attend the classes.

“A washer/disinfector is the heart of the operating room. It is definitely improving our workflow. Ultimately it puts us back into the operating room to get ready for the next patient. We can now focus our attention on getting to our patients as quickly as possible.”

– Angela Bailey, RN, Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital surgery manager

Each year, the five Samaritan-affiliated hospital foundations purchase approximately $500,000 in new equipment for our hospitals and clinics, such as the new surgery washer/disinfector purchased at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital.

“During my labor, one of the other nurses was such a huge help. She encouraged me to go to nursing school. Now I get to help laboring moms in their childbirth. It’s very challenging and very rewarding.”

– Jessica Arnsdorf, RN, nurse at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital who received a nursing scholarship

Across the Samaritan system, donor support provides scholarships for local students to pursue careers in health care, helping to build our local medical work force. Learn more about how donations are used at our Samaritan-affiliated hospital foundations.