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Samaritan Welcomes Fifth Class of Resident Physicians

After much planning, preparation and hard work, Samaritan Health Services welcomed its fifth class of resident physicians on June 23.

With the addition of 35 new residents, there are now a total of 91 residents: two in the cardiology fellowship, 18 in family medicine, 10 in general surgery, 20 in internal medicine, 14 in orthopedic surgery, 13 in psychiatry and 11 in a traditional rotating internship. The residents are coming to Samaritan from all over the country – Virginia, Arizona, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas and right here in Oregon.

The residents adhere to curricula developed by the American Osteopathic Association and its specialty colleges. The curricula have been carefully reviewed by Samaritan’s program directors and graduate medical education committee, then modified to meet the needs of our communities.

Residents will rotate through month-long clinical experiences in areas such as the hospitalist program, psychiatry, surgery, obstetrics and pediatrics – all dependent on the specialty of medicine they are studying. In addition to the clinical experiences, residents will participate daily in structured didactics – a program that includes morning reports, grand rounds, morbidity and mortality conferences, board reviews and journal clubs.

The new residents are:

• Specializing in family practice: Caroline Coulter, DO; Lynn Gower, DO; Thomas Gray, DO; Danielle Harik, DO; Nathan Rheault, DO; Andrew Smythe, DO; and Michael Watson Jr., DO.

• Specializing in general surgery: April Jensen, DO, and Peter Sweeny, DO.

• Specializing in internal medicine: Timothy Becker, DO; James Pierce, DO; Yelena Rubinchikova, DO; Michael Schiedler, DO; Sukhbir Singh, DO; Joel Stuart, DO; and Quynh Tran, DO.

• Specializing in orthopedic surgery: Tim Degan, DO; Brian Scrivens, DO; and Heidi Smith, DO.

• Specializing in psychiatry: Robert Duffy, DO; Sydney Harvey, DO; Michelle Hastings, DO; and Franklin Urion, DO.

• Participating in a traditional rotating internship prior to a specialty residency: Timothy Beals, DO; Lauren Boudreaux, DO; Jeffrey Collins, DO; Michael Cronin; DO, Brooke Davis, DO; Matthew Lucas, DO; Jessica Marshall, DO; Stacie Marzolf, DO; Richard Pham, DO; Aaron Pierce, DO;  and Megan Plum, DO.
• Joining the cardiology fellowship: Ted Foster, DO, and Kenneth Nelson, DO.

The addition of Samaritan’s fifth class of residents marks another step to increase its commitment to Graduate Medical Education. Resident training is of exceptional value to our medical community, and it is anticipated that many residents will remain in the area following their training — helping Samaritan provide more access, expertise and quality health care to our communities.