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Hospital Foundation Approves Funds for Equipment & Services

The Albany General Hospital Foundation Board of Directors has approved more than $483,000 in allocation requests for equipment and services throughout Samaritan Albany General Hospital and its outlying facilities.

A total of 22 hospital departments and clinics will receive funding through the 2015 process. This is a large increase from 2014, when the foundation allocated nearly $285,000 to 17 departments

The foundation board approved funds for a broad range of projects related to patient care, from equipment to education scholarships to services for the underserved. Nursing departments within the hospital will receive funding, as well as Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes Education, Samaritan Rebound Physical Therapy in North Albany, Mid-Valley Children’s Clinic, Albany InReach Services, the Samaritan Cancer Resource Center and Samaritan Evergreen Hospice.

Funding for these programs and services comes from community donors, as well as Samaritan employees who are invited to give through the Samaritan Employee Caring Campaign, held every October. The foundation manages multiple funds, targeted toward different health care services, so donors can give toward a particular service if they wish.

For more information about the foundation, or to give toward any of the foundation’s funds, call 541-812-4819.