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Samaritan Welcomes Victoria to Family of Medical Mannequins

Samaritan Health Services’ Professional Development team has added “Victoria,” a new birthing mannequin, to its extensive family of training mannequins.

Housed primarily at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital, the simulation program serves to continue educating nurses and other hospital staff on patient care, patient safety and complications that may occur.

Victoria comes from Gaumard Scientific Company, continuing Gaumard’s line of birthing simulation mannequins. Victoria is built to help staff learn how to care for a mother and baby during birth and complications that may arise.

The Professional Development team uses a family of mannequins for staff education needs. Six computer-programmable mannequins offer staff feedback during training for births, trauma, and other illnesses. In addition, Professional Development has youth, pediatric and infant non-programmable mannequins throughout the three-county Samaritan service area for additional staff training.

Samaritan purchased Victoria with funding from the Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation, Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation from Corvallis and the Women Investing in Samaritan Health Foundation from Corvallis.