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Area Athletes Improve Skills at The SAM

Samaritan Athletic Medicine (known as The SAM) sports performance center in Corvallis is helping athletes of all ages improve skills.

The program offers sports-specific training for athletes designed to increase strength, speed, agility and athleticism for those playing sports such as football, baseball, basketball, soccer and lacrosse.

According to Dan Mollo, training and sports performance specialist, “We are seeing a wide demographic of clients, ranging from middle school all the way to the masters athlete, accessing our services.”

One local athlete using the program is Jon Koltvedt, 14, from Albany. Koltvedt, a hockey, lacrosse and football player, recently suffered a groin injury, so he is focused on recovery as well as improving skills and strength.

“The program is helping me get in better shape,” said Koltvedt. “Dan knows exactly what I need to work on.”

Koltvedt is currently training at the center for about 50 minutes once per week. During his work out Koltvedt works with free weights, medicine balls, a TRX suspension trainer, ladder foot agility and much more.

Mollo said athletes benefit most if they can work out two to four times a week, but sometimes that is difficult during busy sports seasons.

“Program length always depends on the needs of the client,” said Mollo. “For example, if I want to prepare someone in the off-season, I like to spend twelve weeks training, usually meeting two to four days a week. During the regular season, however, I wouldn’t train an athlete more than twice a week.”

Mollo noted that the center is available to more than just athletes.

“For someone recovering from injury, or who needs to get back on a good therapy program, or if someone has never exercised before, we have programs that cater to each individual’s needs.”

For more information, visit or call 541-768-7700.