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Samaritan Graduates Sixth Class of Physician Residents

Samaritan Health Services will graduate its sixth class of physician residents from the Graduate Medical Education program this month.

"Our Graduate Medical Education program has grown tremendously since our first year, 2009, when we started with our initial class of 11 residents,” said Marcus Alderman, Director of Academic Affairs. “We are inspired and motivated by our mission to train physicians and ultimately, supply our region with more health care providers.”

During their time at Samaritan, resident physicians follow curriculum developed by Samaritan in accordance with the American Osteopathic Association and Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education standards. Residents participate in a variety of clinical rotations under the supervision of attending physicians, as well as a number of other educational experiences including lectures, simulations and research.

These physicians have worked incredibly hard to get to this point in their training, and we couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments,” said Alderman.

In addition to the rigorous training program, graduates from this class have gone on medical mission trips, published journal articles and volunteered in the community through a variety of outreach programs.

The following residents and interns will be celebrating graduation from their training programs on June 10.  

Family Practice
 • Anthony Gunsul, DO
 • Thomas Gray, DO
 • Julia Heinze, DO
 • Max Kaiser, DO
 • Eva McCarthy, DO
 • Michelle Pies, DO

Internal Medicine
 • Tanya Blaty, DO
 • Jourdan Hull, DO
 • Justin Hull, DO
 • Corinne Lee-Guzman, DO
 • Pratik Patel, DO
 • James Pierce, DO
 • Sukhbir Singh, DO
 • Justin Howerter, DO

General Surgery
 • Zach Hovorka, DO
 • Nathan Smith, DO

Orthopedic Surgery

 • Kelli Baum, DO
 • Jason Malone, DO
 • Blake Obrock, DO

Traditional Rotating Internship
 • Rachel Benson, DO
 • Collin Blattner, DO
 • Brendon Hart, DO
 • Karsten Johnson, DO
 • Ryan Miller, DO
 • Nicholas Molby, DO
 • John Pflugi, DO
 • Leonel Trujillo, DO

 • Lisa Lemons, DO
 • James James, DO
 • Ki Kurtz, DO
 • Stephen Hubbard, DO
 • Kenneth Monte, DO


 • R. Scott Thomas, DO
 • Karla Snider, DO

Dermatology MOHS Fellow
 • Cory Maughan, DO

Cardiology Fellow
 • Benjamin Hudson, DO

Interventional Cardiology Fellow
 • David Lemons, DO

Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
 • Allison Abresch-Meyer, DO
 • Christopher Kargel, DO
 • Brian Nelson, DO  

Six physicians from this year’s graduating class will stay on with Samaritan to provide care in our communities, including:
 • Benjamin Hudson, DO – Samaritan Heart & Vascular Institute
 • Max Kaiser, DO – Samaritan Family Medicine, SW Corvallis
 • Ki Kurtz, DO – Samaritan Mental Health
 • Jourdan Hull, DO – Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital
 • Justin Hull, DO – Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital
 • Nathan Smith, DO – General Surgery, Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center

Starting in July, 35 new trainees will begin their clinical work with Samaritan Health Services Graduate Medical Education program.

Samaritan’s three-year Graduate Medical Education residency programs offer training and experience to prepare physicians for a successful career caring for patients in the hospital, clinic and other medical settings. Physicians in the program also care for patients at Samaritan clinics. Emphasis on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive patient care creates a solid foundation for new physicians. For more information about the Graduate Medical Education programs of Samaritan Health Services, visit