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Feature Article

Get Moving to Keep from Slumping

By Donna Keen, RN

Even if we don’t want to admit it, most of us are lacking in the exercise department. So here are a few simple tips to help you get over the hump of your exercise slump.

  1. Keep in mind that in order to get energy, you have to spend energy. No one has ever gotten into shape by lying on the couch all day, binge watching their favorite guilty-pleasure TV show.

  2. Think baby steps. Going from the couch to running a 5K in one day is just a bad idea. Start with less intensity and shorter duration, and then increase your activity as you gain strength and endurance.

  3. Prepare yourself by setting out what you need the night beforehand. The longer you take to dig through your closet for something to wear or search under your bed for that one lost shoe, the more likely you are to back out.