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Hard Work Pays Off for Member

After completing an eight-week fitness program at SamFit, Jenni Copeland, 33, of Corvallis, lost 5 1/2 inches off of her hips and said her endurance is better than ever.

“I ran the Corvallis Half Marathon and cut 9 1/2 minutes off of my time from last year,” said Copeland. “One of my goals with the program was to get stronger, and it’s clearly done that for me. I’m more focused than ever on achieving my fitness goals and developing healthier eating habits.”

SamFit, which currently offers facilities in Lebanon and Corvallis with more locations to come, offers personalized fitness programs to its members, and according to Joshua Gustafson, director of health, wellness and fitness at Samaritan Health Services, they’re ideal for anyone regardless of fitness level.

“We tailor our fitness programs to the specific needs of the individual whether it’s a beginner in need of guidance, a mid-level exercise enthusiast or an athlete preparing for a specific sport or event,” said Gustafson. “Our goal is to provide support and guidance to help our members reach their health and fitness goals.”
The program includes an initial meeting with a fitness coach to set goals and get measurements. The coach then puts together a personalized program for the member to follow, and provides a 50-minute training session. At the end of eight weeks, participants meet with their fitness coach to assess progress.

As part of her fitness regimen, Copeland did a mix of strength and cardio exercises three times a week at SamFit in addition to running. “Setting goals and having a fitness coach who can help hold me accountable has really helped me stay motivated,” said Copeland. “And I love that the program is tailored to my goals and my schedule.”

Because she’s so thrilled with her results, Copeland recently began her second eight-week fitness program.