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Fitness Challenge Spurs SamFit Member

Signing up to participate in the 10-week SamFit Hollywood Challenge at SamFit’s Corvallis location last year was the extra incentive Elijah Davis needed to take his fitness and health to the next level.

“The contest gave me a new goal,” said Davis, 33. “Halfway through the competition, I really started competing and pushing myself.”

SamFit developed the weight-loss challenge to help inspire its members to achieve breakthrough levels of fitness. Participants weighed in at the beginning of the event, after six weeks and at the conclusion of competition. Prizes, including a Vizio 32” LED flat screen television, juicer and SamFit apparel, were awarded to the top three winners in two categories: percentage of body weight lost and total gym usage.

Participants also selected celebrity avatars to represent them during the challenge. Before the challenge got under way, Davis, who selected Jack Black as his celebrity avatar, was using the gym infrequently at best. “I had lost 12 pounds in the six months leading up to the beginning of the competition,” said Davis. Once the contest started, however, Davis didn’t miss a day at the gym; often going before and after work and sometimes at lunch as well.

I was really out of shape and heavy when I started. I really pushed my body. When my weight loss would slow, I would change up my workouts to keep my body guessing,” said Davis. “I also started using a mobile app to track my calories and went from eating 2,500 a day to 1,500.”

His commitment to working out and eating less paid off. At the beginning of the Hollywood Challenge, Davis weighed 246 pounds. Ten weeks later, he was down to 193, named the grand prize winner in both the percentage of body weight lost and total gym usage categories.

I’ve always struggled with my weight. This competition helped me get back to the weight I was in high school, and that’s been really amazing,” said Davis.