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Samaritan's GME Program Is Second Largest in Oregon

In 2009, Samaritan Health Services looked at the health care industry and saw an aging workforce, a shortage of physicians and most important – patients who still needed high quality health care from compassionate physicians.

As an organization, Samaritan had already pledged a commitment to health care education by hosting medical students for rotations, and teaching health care professionals in the fields of pharmacy, radiology, nurse assisting and more. Taking the next step and forming the Graduate Medical Education program made sense.

In an environment that was rich with opportunities for teaching the next generation of physicians, Samaritan’s Graduate Medical Education program brought in faculty who were knowledgeable and committed to teaching. They capitalized on the five hospitals and communities the organization serves to bring residents high quality and diverse medical opportunities.

Graduate Medical Education started with programs in family medicine, internal medicine and psychology, with a combined total of 11 residents. With success, the program began to quickly grow toward what it is today – the second largest Graduate Medical Education program in Oregon, serving more than 100 residents with a variety of medical tracks ranging from family medicine to orthopedic surgery. 

In 2011, Samaritan’s partnership with Western University of Health Sciences to start a new medical school, the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest, strengthened the Graduate Medical Education program with increased opportunities for collaborations between the two organizations. 

The residency programs offered through Samaritan serve medical students from all over the nation, drawn to Oregon by the impressive academic opportunity and the chance to experience the Pacific Northwest.

Today, residents graduating from Samaritan residency programs go on to highly competitive fellowships at institutions like Wake Forest, OHSU and the Mayo Clinic. Others are successfully taking the next step into the workforce with quality jobs, many of which are choosing to stay with Samaritan as employed physicians to continue their experience with an organization and community they love.

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