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Samaritan Invites Letters of Interest for Non-Profit Grants


Non-profit organizations in Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties interested in applying for Social Accountability funding from one of Samaritan’s five hospitals are invited to submit a letter of interest by noon, Jan. 27.

Local agencies should submit a one-page letter that includes a brief description of the proposed project, goals, objectives, target population and how it will address one of the outlined priorities. For the coastal hospitals, the letter may be addressed to one or both hospitals. Applicants may only apply to both hospitals if the service area encompasses all of Lincoln County.

Goals and priorities for the five hospitals are:

  • Goal 1: Healthy families - Increase physical activity, fitness and access to nutritious foods for children and families.
    Priorities: Poverty, obesity and food insecurity.
  • Goal 2: Greater access - Increase access to medical, dental and mental health supports and services in the community.
    Priorities: Access to mental health care, access to medical care, access to dental care, chronic disease, alcohol abuse and tobacco use.
  • Goal 3: Better networks - Increase social supports for families.
    Priorities: Homelessness, housing costs, employment, domestic violence, parent education, safe communities, literacy, higher education, environmental issues and transportation.
  • Goal 4: Healthy kids - Increase services and supports for children.
    Priorities: Child abuse and/or neglect, child care availability and afterschool activities.
  • Goal 5: Healthy teens - Increase services and supports for adolescents.
    Priorities: K-12 education, juvenile crime, teen pregnancy, parent education, alcohol abuse and tobacco use.
  • Goal 6: Healthy seniors - Increase social support for seniors.
    Priorities: Access to mental health care, access to medical care, access to 
    dental care, chronic disease, housing costs and transportation.

Agencies who are invited to submit a full proposal will be notified by Feb. 9 and will have an opportunity to attend a grant application meeting on Feb. 17.  

Letters should be submitted either by mail to the Community Health Promotion Department, Samaritan Health Services, 1100 NE Circle Blvd., Suite 100, Corvallis, OR  97330; or via email to 

For questions, please contact JoAnn Miller, director of Community Health Promotion, at 541-768-7330.