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Albany Hospital Employee Appointed by Governor

Suzette Boydston, director of the Senior Companion Program and Volunteer Services director for Samaritan Albany General Hospital, has been appointed as the chair of the Governor’s Commission on Senior Services.

At Samaritan Health Services, Boydston addresses many issues that affect seniors. Boydston started at Samaritan Albany General Hospital in 1999, managing the auxiliary and volunteers. In 2002, she also took on the role of director of the Senior Companion program for Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties. In this role, she manages low-income senior volunteers who serve as companions for homebound seniors and disabled adults.

She has a strong respect and passion for both her hospital volunteers, Senior Companion volunteers and the adults served by the program. She aims to keep seniors living in their home as long as safely possible and the Senior Companion Program helps with that. Along with visiting homebound seniors, the companions help with household errands, transportation and connecting seniors to various resources.

“Sometimes the volunteer visits are the only social encounter that seniors have” said Boydston.

One of her main roles as board chair on the Governor’s Commission on Senior Services is focused on “Aging as an Asset,” an initiative that focuses on highlighting the contributions that older adults have made and continue to make in our communities. In addition, she will lead the commission on healthy aging projects like the recent Oregon Conference on Aging and continue to work with national organizations to advocate for seniors. The commission is comprised of 22 individuals, which serve the entire state of Oregon.

Boydston says she is honored to serve as chair for the commission and looks forward to continuing the great work on behalf of our aging and disabled adults.