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App Enables Citizen Superheroes

Samaritan Health Services has joined Linn County agencies to offer the life-saving app PulsePoint.
When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, time is critical. Even when emergency responders are called right away, it can sometimes take them several minutes to reach the scene, and every minute without help decreases chances of survival by 10 percent for a cardiac arrest victim. 
Thanks to the fire departments of Linn County, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office and Samaritan Health Services, Linn County is now a PulsePoint connected community.
With PulsePoint, when a call is made to the Linn County emergency dispatch center reporting a cardiac arrest in a public place, an alert goes out to every CPR-trained volunteer within a quarter-mile radius who has downloaded the PulsePoint app. The alert gives the location of the cardiac arrest victim, as well as locations of nearby AEDs (automated external defibrillators), and nearby  CPR-trained volunteers who see the alert and respond are able to provide lifesaving care until emergency responders arrive. 
Watch videos and learn more at, and, if you are CPR-trained, download the PulsePoint app for your smartphone at the App Store or on Google Play.