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Access All of Your Health Information in One Place

Do you want the convenience of having all your health information in one place? Samaritan Health Services is now offering two new MyChart features to make managing your health information easier than ever. These features are called MyChart Central and Lucy.

What is MyChart Central?
MyChart Central lets you access all your MyChart accounts, including those from Samaritan and other participating health care organizations where you get care, in one easy place using a single username and password. 

For example, if you see a primary care doctor at Samaritan and a specialty doctor at Oregon Health & Science University, you can now log in to MyChart Central and have access to both of those charts in one place, with one username and password.

What is Lucy?
MyChart Central also offers a new feature called Lucy, which gives you a permanent personal health record to help organize all your medical information. 
With Lucy, you can add your own personal health information, upload medical documents and choose to share it among all organizations where you receive care. Lucy also lets you take your health information with you wherever you go in case you change insurance or doctors. Even if you have only one MyChart account, you can still use Lucy as your personal health record. 

You can sign-up for MyChart. After you log in to your MyChart account, click on “My Medical Record” on the menu along the top of the page. Click “Lucy/MyChart Central” and follow the steps to sign up.

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