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Unstick Your Easter Basket from the Candy Trap

Yellow, pink and purple Peeps. Neon jelly beans. Egg-shaped chocolate-covered everything. Not only is Easter a holiday with too much candy, research specialists at the Nielsen Company report that Easter has the highest sales for seasonal candy, passing Christmas and Halloween. 

“Holidays can become an excuse to overindulge, especially if people feel restricted in their regular diets,” said Mica Ward, RD, manager of Nutrition Services at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital. “Be sensible with your Easter meal and how much candy you eat, but one day of indulgence probably isn’t going to ruin things. The trick is to limit the indulgence to one day. Don’t start buying candy weeks ahead of time, and ration or put away treats for kids after Sunday night.”

For something less sugar-centric but just as fun, try these tasty substitutes for Easter egg fillers. 
• Small fresh fruit like tangerines, grapes or strawberries
• Yogurt-covered nuts and raisins
• Dried fruit and nuts
• Goldfish crackers
• Popcorn
• Gum

Your kids might also be just as happy with non-food items. 
• Balloons
• Hair ties
• Fun Shoelaces
• Stickers
• Temporary tattoos
• Costume jewelry
• Lip balm
• Nail polish
• Legos
• Cars
• Marbles
• Silly putty
• Pencil erasers
• Socks 
• Bubbles

“Being ‘healthy’ doesn’t have to mean boring,” said Ward. “But it does take a different mindset.”