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Moreland Starts Pre-Diabetes Boot Camp in Lincoln City

In Lincoln County, 10 percent of all people have diabetes. Ruth Moreland, diabetes educator at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital, wants to see that number shrink.

Moreland and her team received a grant in 2016 from the Intercommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization (IHN-CCO) to develop a year-long pre-diabetes boot camp. County estimates show that about 30 percent of people have pre-diabetes and studies show that lifestyle changes at this stage can help prevent Type 2 diabetes.

“Focusing on pre-diabetes is new for us,” Moreland said. “But we and IHN want to keep people from developing diabetes. Our goal with this first class is to gather data to see what works to prevent diabetes.”

A total of 42 people attended the first session of the camp in January. The class, which will meet monthly, has three focus points: Healthy eating, exercise and stress management.

“If you read between the lines, it’s all about weight loss, but we didn’t want to focus on that,” Moreland said. “If you address healthy eating, exercise and stress management, you’re addressing weight loss as well.”

The Diabetes Education team at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital will offer passes to the Lincoln City Community Center and vouchers for participants to buy fruits and vegetables at local grocery stores.

Moreland developed a workbook for the class, with information on diabetes and the health complications stemming from it, as well as information on the camp’s three focus points and tips for motivation.

In addition to class work, participants receive one-on-one help to develop prevention plans that work for them.

“We’re trying to make this an uplifting class, not foreboding or fear-mongering,” Moreland said.

For more information, call Moreland at 541-765-3265.

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