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Can Aspirin Prevent a Cancer Recurrence?

Available locally, a new clinical research study asks a simple question: does aspirin prevent a cancer recurrence in patients with a history of certain types of breast cancer?

This study is sponsored by The Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, the United States Department of Defense and Bayer. 

Eligible patients include men and women who have been treated for lymph node-positive, HER2-negative stage II or III breast cancer who also meet other specific criteria. This study is one of several clinical research trials offered through the Samaritan Cancer Program

“It is an important part of the mission of Samaritan to offer the opportunity for our patients to take part in important studies close to home with the doctors they trust,” said Barb Croney, vice-president for Samaritan Health Services Research and Education

“Patients who choose to take part in clinical trials are making a significant difference in how people with cancer are treated,” said Croney. She also said that clinical trials allow oncologists to help more patients reach long-term survival, as well as learn what will help keep the cancer from coming back or lead to cures.

“It is an exciting time for advancements in a disease that impacts so many of us,” said Croney. 

For more information about this or other studies offered through the Samaritan Cancer Program, visit or call 541-768-4352.