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Samaritan Residents Graduate to Next Phase of Career

The Samaritan Health Services Graduate Medical Education program recently graduated its seventh class of physician residents.

“Samaritan’s residency program helps shape future physicians to meet the needs of patients in our region,” said Sugat Patel, MD, who oversees all of the Graduate Medical Education programs. “We have found that training residents here helps keep more of them in the region, which improves access to care for our patients.”

During their time at Samaritan, resident physicians follow curriculum developed by Samaritan in accordance with the American Osteopathic Association and Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education standards. Residents participate in a variety of clinical rotations under the supervision of attending physicians, as well as a number of other educational experiences including lectures, simulations and research.

“This group of residents has really embodied the concept of a team and they have become very effective leaders,” said Patel.

Since the Graduate Medical Education program’s first graduating class in 2011, 50 residents have chosen to stay and practice medicine in Oregon, and over 50 percent have stayed in the Pacific Northwest.

Congratulations to the following residents who celebrated graduation this month.

Family Medicine
Caroline Coulter, DO
Brooke Davis, DO
Lynn Gower, DO
Danielle Harik, DO
Nathan Rheault, DO
Jessica Sanders, DO
Andrew Smythe, DO
Amber Vester, DO
Michael Watson Jr., DO

Internal Medicine
Timothy Becker, DO
Richard Pham, DO
Aaron Pierce, DO
Yelena Rubinchikova, DO
Michael Schiedler, DO
Joel Stuart, DO
Quynh Tran, DO

Adam Biesman, DO
Blaine King, DO
Johnnie Chi, DO

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow
Stephen Hubbard, DO

Cardiology/Interventional Cardiology
Ted Foster, DO
Kenneth Nelson, DO

Traditional Rotating Internship
Erica Anderson, DO
Taylor Delamarter, DO
Evan Schlager, DO
Allison Melkonian, DO
Kevin Myers, DO

Bryce Desmond, DO
Benjamin Perry, DO

MOHS Fellow
Brandon Markus, DO

Orthopedic Surgery
Ryan Callahan, DO
Craig Gillis, DO
Andrew Nelson, DO

General Surgery
Erika La Vella, DO
David Schwartz, DO

Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
Dan McCarthy, DO
Six physicians from this year’s graduating class will stay on with Samaritan to continue providing care in our communities, including:

Amber Vester, DO – Samaritan Family Medicine Resident Clinic
Timothy Becker, DO –Samaritan Cardiology Fellowship
Erika La Vells, DO – General Surgery Bariatric Program 
Michael Schiedler, DO – Samaritan Cardiology Fellowship
Joel Stuart, DO – Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital
Michael Watson Jr., DO – Samaritan Health Services Neuromusculoskeletal Residency Program

Starting in July, the next class of residents will begin their clinical work with Samaritan Health Services Graduate Medical Education program.

Samaritan’s three-year to five year Graduate Medical Education residency programs offer training and experience to prepare physicians and surgeons for a successful career caring for patients in the hospital, clinic and other medical settings. Physicians in the program also care for patients at Samaritan facilities. Emphasis on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive patient care creates a solid foundation for new physicians. For more information about the Graduate Medical Education programs of Samaritan Health Services, visit